The Hall of Fame was created to honor all gifted athletes, soccer and otherwise, that have come from the town of Beadling. Induction into the Hall is awarded by the Beadling Sports Club. Beadling soccer dates back into the 1890s, but in 1937 the Beadling Sports Club was formed and a clubhouse, with adjacent playing field, was established in the original machine shop of the Beadling mine that sponsored the early soccer teams. The playing field, now run by Upper St. Clair township, serves as the Beadling home field today. The Beadling Sports Club continues and houses a very large and historic collection of Beadling trophies. Members of the Beadling Soccer Club are often invited to come visit the sports club and learn more of its history. Though not all soccer players, the athletes below who have been inducted into the Beadling Hall of Fame stand for the great winning tradition of the early Beadling soccer teams. For more information, see the History page of this website!


1. Gus Aitken (1946-1960)
Outstanding team player, also manager of many of Beadling’s greatest teams.

2. Ken Ball (1947-1963)
Gifted forward I midfielder; played professionally.

3. Joe "Zeb" Bombassaro (1930-1946)
One of Beadling’s toughest defenders. Managed several teams; played for over 15 seasons.

4. Gene Bressanelli (1957-1983)
A strong, tenacious defender; played for Beadling Senior teams.

5. Jerome Bressanelli (1949-1963)
Outstanding forward; was an All-American at the University of Pittsburgh.

6. Jim Bressanelli (1946-1964)
Captain of every team from 1953 and on. Led the ’54 team to the National Title. Became a legend as a fullback.

7. Tom Cherry (1965-1969)
Three-sport athlete who graduated from Upper St Clair HS and was drafted by Penn State for football in 1965.
Tom played in the 1967 Gator Bowl and in the 1969 Sugar Bowl as a running back. In 1969, he was a Pittsburgh Steeler free agent.

8. Don Delach (1949-1987)
Tremendous midfielder; possessed great field vision. Also coached many of Beadling’s championship teams throughout the ’70’s and ’80’s.

9. Joe Delach (1930-1975)
Devoted over 40 years as a player and administrator. Member of the United States Soccer Federation Hall of Fame.

10. Lou Delach (1930-1950)
Outstanding goalkeeper I baseball player. Beadling’s only goalkeeper inducted into the Hall of Fame.

11. John Hallam (1898-1910)
Founder of the Beadling soccer program.

12. Bob Koch (1930-1947)
Outstanding, tough halfback. Excellent baseball player.

13. Bob Kohlmyer (1965-1987)
Excellent defender. One of the best marking backs in the keystone League.

14. Denny Kohlmyer (1960-1990)
A cornerstone of the Beadling defense for two decades. A key player in the team’s string of league and cup championships.

15. Jim Kohlmyer (1939-1963)
One of the greatest natural athletes in Beadling. Was a prolific scorer; was recognized nationwide.

16. Al "Big Muzzy" Lorenzato (1940-1963)
Natural athlete; played fullback and forward with outstanding ability.

17. Al "Butch" Lorenzato (1957-1985)
Tenacious tackler and great one-on-one defender. Great baseball player.

18. Don Lorenzato (1960-1985)
Excellent forward and play-maker. Scoring leader on numerous occasions.

19. Fran Luxbacher (1937-1975)
Excelled as a player and coach for over 30 years.

20. Joe Luxbacher, Sr. (1900-1921)
Mr. Soccer in Beadling. Played and managed Beadling teams. Active in soccer for over 58 years.

21. Joe Luxbacher, Jr. (1960-1987)
One of Beadling’s most gifted forwards. Could strike a ball with deadly accuracy with either foot.

22. Frank "Tanki" Pollock (1957-1964)
Forward renowned for his work ethic and never-quit attitude during the Beadling championship years.

23. Tony "Peanuts" Pobodnik (1938-1945)
Player and manager; one who gave more of himself for the betterment of others.

24. Regis "Cass" Patter (1935-1950)
Excellent play-maker. Managed several teams; strong soccer promoter.

25. John "Big Jack" Robson (1908-1913)
One of Beadling’s best halfbacks. Captained many Press All-Star Teams.

26.. Tim Robson (1930-1950)
Outstanding soccer player, as we
ll as, baseball player. Great individual player.

27. George "Smokey" Smith (1935-1956)
Clever forward and halfback; influential player o
n many Beadling Championship teams.

28. Herb Smith (1918-1938)
Dual athlete in soccer and baseball. Winning pitcher for Beadling against the Homestead Gray’s famous baseball team.

29. Joe Smith (1930-1950)
Outstanding center midfielder; deadly distributor of the ball.

30. Dan Vanzin, Jr. (1957-1984)
Defender who could attack out of the back. True competitor who refused to lose.

31. Frank Vanzin (1962- 1969)
Gifted 3-sport athlete who graduated from Upper St. Clair HS in 1962 and was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals.
In 1969 he was traded along with Carl Taylor to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

32. Sam Vieceli (1960-1985)
Gifted forward with great speed and tremendous shot. Great work ethic.

33. George Watson, Jr. (1949-1963)
One of Beadling’s most complete players. Excellent passer.

34. Keith Watson (1930-1956)
Player and manager in both soccer and baseball.

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