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Beadling Soccer Club has a proud history of sending our student athletes to many of the best collegiate soccer programs in the country. Our players have earned more soccer scholarships than any club in the history of PA West and we continue to offer the best training and competitive play in the region. Beadling SC is committed to helping our players maximize their opportunities to earn those roster spots. As an important part of our Beadling College Mentor Program, we are excited to announce our partnership with College Fit Finder, a recruiting technology platform that provides a comprehensive solution that simplifies the process for our high school student-athletes and their families.

The life of a college-bound student is filled with college entrance exams, honors classes and community service projects. In addition, pressures on the field are mounting as practice and individual training sessions are increased, as is participation in games, tournaments and showcases. Now add to the mix something that is just as important and time consuming: the recruiting process, with it’s research, strategizing, and regular communication with numerous college coaches. Any student-athlete preparing for the next level must walk through the recruiting process guided by a well thought-out plan. A superficial look at the whole course of action may reveal that academics and on-field performance are the only components to a successful recruiting equation. It’s important to focus on another important aspect of the process…EXPOSURE. If a college coach doesn’t know who you are, regardless of how qualified academically and athletically you are, you cannot and will not be recruited.

Partnering with College Fit Finder gives the club access to this unique system, which allows each high school aged player to have an individual account to assist with their college search and recruiting process. College Fit Finder is a vast online database of information about every college soccer program in the country. It allows players to “research schools, find appropriate matches, save favorites, track and organize communication with college coaches, and get assistance in logically selecting a school that matches their needs.”  Combined with Beadling SC’s college mentoring, this powerful tool will be a tremendous resource allowing players to move effectively and efficiently through the phases of recruiting. This service will be available to all players ages 14 and up at no additional cost.


College Fit Finder Services


·        Customized Profile-fully customized player profile

·        Search- filter academic and athletic information to discover programs that are the best fit for you

·        College Info- provides you with relevant academic and athletic data including coach contact info.

·        Favorites- while researching schools, save programs of interest to your “Favorites” list. Add and subtract schools to refine your list throughout the process.

·        History- track and organize a history of all communication with each school so you can always present yourself as a viable recruit.

·        Calendar- your communication with college coaches automatically appears in the calendar view so you may visually hold yourself accountable for your work completed each month.

·        Compass- the “Compass” applies logic to your decision and guides you to the best option based on your top criteria.

·        Tasklist-Players need a roadmap of how to navigate the system must stay on task to attain maximum results.

·        Structured Recruiting Process- Every club talks about doing “more” for their players but only the proactive ones make sure their players get to the college level. We provide that foundation.

·        Online Team Profile- each player is linked to a branded online team profile. Team and club accomplishments can be added to the profile. College coaches can click/view each player’s individual profile.

·        Printable Team Brochure- a great plus for our team managers! Simply have your players update their own info, click print, and you’re done. This brochure can also be sent electronically to coaches attending showcases or tournaments in advance.

·        Player Dashboard- summary view of all communication with colleges and a breakdown of your awarded proactivity score based on your tasklist completion.

College Fit Finder provides video tutorials for each service that are easy to follow. We ran a pilot program to make sure it is user friendly and offers all the features we feel are needed to assist our college bound athletes and their families.

We will hold several information sessions once practices resume in January.




·        No videos will be posted to team page - individual highlight films may be sent to college coaches

·        Work with your team coach to identify player position

·        Work with your coach to determine which ID camps are valuable

·        Posting player weight is optional and at player’s/parent’s discretion



Please contact us with any questions/concerns:


Lynette Bogan- ldbogan@yahoo.com


Buffy Hasco- bhasco@beadling.com


Rob Fabean- robert.fabean@comcast.net



You will be provided with login information for your team. The team roster is uploaded on the team page - all you have to do is customize your player profile. We highly recommend viewing the training videos provided- they are really helpful!


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