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Beadling Soccer Club Philosophy:

Facts vs. Myths


The Beadling Soccer Club; founded in 1898, has a very rich and successful history of developing young players to reach their full potential as a soccer player. Through high level training and competition, we take pride in teaching youth players the technical skill and tactical awareness of soccer, sportsmanship, self worth and leadership skills. Before selecting a club for you and your child to be involved with, we would like to outline some myths and facts about the Beadling Soccer Club to help you gain a better understanding of our club.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club plays in too many tournaments.

Fact: Quite the opposite, the Beadling Soccer club has a philosophy of quality over quantity. We have a club rule that each team will play in no more than three tournaments; (not including the PA West State Championships and the Region 1 Tournament). The US Soccer Federation has published on more than one occasion that our youth players are playing too many games and not receiving enough quality training, something the Beadling Soccer Club agrees with.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club plays in one of two Region 1 Leagues; the Directors/Premier League and the Colonial League and thus having teams travel every weekend.

Fact: The Beadling Soccer Club enters all of its teams from U13 and up into one of these two leagues that plays its season during the spring. These leagues offer a more competitive environment for our players to develop at the highest level. Generally we play six to seven matches over three weekends. We host one weekend in the Pittsburgh area to minimize travel. Teams usually will travel to an event on Friday, play two matches on Saturday and return home. All of our teams play in the PA West State League during the fall season.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club wants to win at all cost.

Fact: Though we have been and continue to be successful as a club, we do not believe in winning at all cost. We believe in creating an environment of high level training, continued development of each player with a strong desire to compete, our teams will be successful. We have won State Championships at the U12 age groups but this is not our focus at the younger age groups. Fostering the above environment and identifying players that have the potential to develop to the next level is our focus. We will select a young player that has the ability to learn and improve at the highest levels over time instead of the player that can help us win now. Youth soccer development is a marathon not a sprint.

Myth: Playing for a select soccer club will guarantee my son/daughter a soccer scholarship.

Fact: No club can or should make this guarantee. The Beadling Soccer club has produced the most collegiate, regional and national team players in the area. Playing at the collegiate level is reached by a desire of the player to continue to develop and playing for a club that can give them the best opportunity to be identified by collegiate coaches. With the success of the Beadling Soccer Club and ranked as one of the top 100 youth clubs in the United States we do generally get into tournaments most other clubs are not qualified to attend. The U16/17 teams attend college showcase tournaments that attract the most college coaches and enable our players to be identified.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club has its coaches change teams every year.

Fact: The Beadling Soccer Club has introduced a new coaching model utilizing the strengths of its coaches as well as exposing our players to more of our coaching staff. This model is always a work in progress in helping do what is best for the club, teams, players and our coaches. By exposing our players to more than one coach in his/her playing career we have found that it makes our players and coaches better. We are in a teaching environment and as with a school; you would not expect your child’s first grade teacher to move up with them all the way to their senior year.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Team’s are on their own and do what they want.

Fact: This we have rarely heard but has been out there and couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a club first and foremost. We would venture to say that no other club in Region 1 are as supportive and as unified as we are. Just attend one of our games or tournaments, you will find players and parents from other teams supporting a team they are not on. Our coaches do cross trainings and work with teams they don’t directly coach. We take great pride in this! Our motto: “No player is bigger than the team, no team is bigger than the club” – Denny Kohlmyer

Myth: The Beadling Juniors program only wants the best players.

Fact: We believe that all players at the U7 – U10 age groups should have the opportunity to learn the technical skills to develop at the next level. We do not have try-outs at these age groups, we do not want these players to leave their local/in-house programs, instead we would like to work with these programs to offer any assistance we can in helping develop players in these age groups. Our junior’s programs are open to all boys and girls that want to learn and develop their technical skills.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club is the most expensive club to play for.

Fact: The Beadling Soccer Club is not the most expensive and we are not the least expensive. We are competitive with all clubs and believe provide the best product within Pa West. Our philosophy on tournaments and travel dictates that we may be less than most other clubs.

Myth: The Beadling Soccer Club doesn’t develop players – rather only recruit the biggest and fastest?

Fact: The Beadling Soccer club is committed to developing our area’s youth. At the youngest levels (7 – 10), this is demonstrated by the highly successful Beadling Jr’s program and the dedication of the best coaching staff in Western PA. It is open to everyone, there are no tryouts, giving each child an opportunity to train with talented instructors that develop their skills at the appropriate age level.

At middle age groups (11 – 15), we continue to be dedicated to developing players that have the potential to continue to grow and progress. Potential, skill and drive are all important qualities at this age group. The desire to retain these individuals outweighs an individual that may not have those qualities but can help us win now.

The oldest age group, (16 – 19), has proven to be a successful model time and time again that has the tendency to draw some of the best players in the area to our program, particularly when they get to the college recruiting years. Continued development of skill and tactics are applied to prepare the athlete for post high school.

While not all players within the Beadling organization play from U7 – U19, the game doesn’t lie. Players develop and mature at different stages. It is the goal of the Beadling Soccer Club to see every player to continue to develop. While it is the objective of the Beadling club that every player stays within the club for their entire youth soccer career. Beadling realized that this goal is not realistic or feasible. As in any successful program Beadling has the ability to attract players that have both the desire and aptitude to take their game to the highest level.

If you would like any other information regarding the Beadling Soccer Club or one of our team’s, please feel free to contact any of the following:
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